If the thought of a gym workout is more than you can bear, you feel uncomfortable in group fitness classes or a fitness trainer telling you to ‘work harder’ is not your idea of enjoyment... just walk!

Just Walk is Haddins’ solution for people looking to ease their way into a fitness routine. Walking is an unintimidating because it is something you’re already an expert at! Plus, it comes with benefits to your physical and mental health.

These twice weekly sessions gather the group every Sunday and Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. for an hour of socialising, accompanied by a walk (or vice versa). A trainer will make sure you’re safe, welcomed and cared for without the ubiquitous pressure that comes with other forms of exercise. Along the way you can ask questions, plan outings with your new friends, or simply enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather.

Sessions are only AED 25 and all are welcome. To learn more, email info@haddins.com.