ZSC Academy has a thriving community of women who join us each week to play tennis. No matter your level of skill, we have four fantastic reasons to give it a go!

On a weekday morning, gearing up to win the French Open may not be on your to-do list, but meeting up with friends certainly is! Ladies tennis mornings link you with a group of like-minded women who want to get fit just as much as they want to have fun. Lessons are certainly meant to improve your skills, but there is a big opportunity to make a new friend or meet a new playing partner who will keep you active for even longer. Plus, great coffee is just a few steps away after the session.

You’ve heard the headlines over and over again about the impact that physical activity has on your health. This isn’t fake news – it is absolutely true that regular exercise can improve your well-being in countless ways. These group lessons are designed to keep you moving at right speed. You’ll get just the perfect amount of exercise to keep you coming back for more.

Whether you need a lesson in holding the racket or are a self-proclaimed pro, groups are divided by skill level to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy the session. Our coaches work you through drills, skills and a bit of play to make sure that everybody is challenged to improve.

Lessons are now more affordable than ever as we’ve implemented packages of 8 for only AED 1,000. Our sessions now take an entire hour, thanks to guest feedback, and also include bonus court time of 30 minutes after the lesson so that you can continue to work on everything that you’ve learned already. With a guarantee that you will be taught by a coach with internationally recognised certification and tons of practical experience on the capital’s most prestigious courts, it is a value that cannot be beat.

Join us for a weekly lesson on Monday or Wednesday from 15 October to 3 December. To learn more or reserve a space, complete a registration form on zscacademy.ae, email tennisacademy@zsc.ae or Whatsapp 056 684 6996.