Our favourite healthy foods stop is Simple Café in the International Tennis Centre. Besides their amazingly tasty vegan, gluten-free fare, we also love that they are committed to building a healthier community through knowledge sharing.

It's commonly known that protein is important to our bodies, but not nearly as many people understand of how it functions, so Simple Café enlisted their nutritionist to break it down for us.

In short, protein is made up from amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells. Your skin, hair and nails all need protein to replenish, for example.

When it comes to food, protein helps fill you up and has a satisfying effect. By that fact, consuming protein regularly helps reduce cravings for foods with higher fat and sugar content.

It is also a key component in muscles. Muscles require protein, along with carbohydrates, to make them stronger. With more muscle mass, your metabolism works faster, and you consume more energy, even outside of your workout.

There you have it! For some tasty, high-protein snacks, make sure to stop by Simple Café and follow them @simplecafe_ae to get more tips and facts like this.