On 24 October a team of 10 eager runners from Zayed Sports City joined hundreds of representatives from the capital’s best organisations for the Abu Dhabi Dash. The evening started with registration and networking before the action kicked-off at the Executive Challenge. Designed by Haddins, CEOs, MDs and GMs from companies dipped into their own pockets to donate to Rahma and competed in a shuttle run with push-ups, lay-downs and burpees between sprints. Leading the pack and finishing first was ZSC’s General Manager Barry Bremner.

Following a high-energy warm-up, the chase was on! Forty teams were in action with team members each running a 1500m dash before passing the baton off. ZSC was in full force, determined to get a better ranking than last year, and finished in the top 10 with an average time of 6:28.

To relive the action and make sure you don’t miss out on future Dash events, visit racethedash.com.