When kids begin to lose concentration in class or feel lethargic, it could be the result of fussy eating, tempting treats and food habits that make adults worry if they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to develop. Simple Café has introduced a solution that sets aside the worry and solves the issues concerning a kid's nourishment. The Kids Lunchbox plan will show young ones how fun it can be to try new and tasty food, especially fruit and vegetables, while ensuring a balanced diet.

Simple Café's nutrition team have designed age-specific portion sizes and ensured every single nutrient is in the box, from enough daily protein to regular vitamins and calcium. Every meal is nut free, gluten free and completely vegan, with a variety of dishes and snacks that appeal to children from four to 16 years old.

Plans include a fruit choice, a vegetable choice, an energy snack, an afterschool recovery snack and the main lunch item. Families can choose from options such as apple crumble slices, vegetable spring roll, banana pancakes and cookie dough balls for the snacks with options like hummus bagel, falafel pita and burger salad with sweet potato crisps for lunch.

The lunchboxes can be delivered to your home or school gate in the morning, for only AED 45 per day. To get your copy of the "pick and mix" menu contact info@simplecafe.ae.