Two new summer programmes at The ROOM Abu Dhabi are here to give you that summer body you've been aiming for. Summer Shape is a 2-month group class programme for anyone looking to get in better shape this summer. Sessions will combine cardio exercises on aerobic steppers alternated with light barbell strengthening drills. You will also get body composition tests at the start and the end of the programme to keep track of your progress, in addition to two seminars on healthy eating habits.

The other summer programme available is the Summer Cycling and Endurance programme which moves you cycling workout indoors to avoid the increasingly hot weather. Two months at THE CYCLING ROOM is going to prepare you for your next race and give you the results you desire. THE ROOM's care team consists of national and international race-experienced instructors who will help in improving your personal best. The programme will include a specific 8-week cycling progression training sessions and free body composition testing at the beginning and the end of the program which will ensure close monitoring of muscle mass retention. Cyclists, runners, endurance athletes and Spinning fans are going to love this programme.

Both programs run until 31 August and the last day to join is Sunday 9 July. Fees for each programme are AED 1,095. For more information or to register, visit or call 02 444 4945.