Zayed Sports City would like to welcome a new member of the ZSC family, Sigi Meeuws. Sigi is now the Director of ZSC Academy and is super excited to join the team to develop more sports programmes for all ages and all fitness levels through ZSC Academy.

With eight years of experience as the Co-Founder of Professional Sports Services (PSS) and over 20 years of experience in the sports industry, Sigi will be focusing on tennis, ice skating and more as ZSC Academy works to offer an array of high qualified sports learning programmes on the site.

Sigi is passionate about sports and has been involved in the sports industry from a young age. “I grew up with football as my father was a world cup football player for Belgium and he later became a coach of the national football team of Belgium.”

With sports practically a rite by birth, Sigi's love was fostered and he earned a Belgian tennis championship and a later became a certified tennis coach. He also played football and basketball regularly on an advanced level for several years during his school and university days.

With Zayed Sports City's world-class facilities and highly qualified coaches on his staff, Sigi is looking forward to gathering as many people as possible to join ZSC Academy and spreading his love of sports throughout the city.

“We are planning to develop our tennis and ice skating programmes while focusing on improving our quality and setting up more events,” said the 37-year-old who explained his excitement about adding more sports in the long term to ZSC Academy.

ZSC Academy is currently offering lessons in tennis and ice skating with more sports to come. To learn more email zscacademy@zsc.ae.