Some of the best basketball teams from around the world are booking tickets, packing their gear and stocking up on sun cream in preparation for the upcoming 3x3 World Tour Final at Zayed Sports City.

Taking place across 27 and 28 October, these teams are prepared to dribble, dunk and defend with their whole heart in order to take the title and generous $30,000 cheque. This means that Abu Dhabi can prepare for a weekend filled with rousing plays and exhilarating energy on and off the court. The event is notorious for its urban style which includes MCs, break dancers and street artists to amp up the crowd. It is perfect for groups of friends and families.

The event will cap a season of play that crossed cities, countries and continents to reach this point, but residents in the UAE only need to cross roads to be a part of the action. The event is completely free to attend and will be taking place at the International Tennis Centre.

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