In true athletic form, the coaches at PSS are always looking to improve their talents. While they have great experience pushing themselves on the court, last month they had the opportunity to improve their skills further.

Led by Academy Director Vasja Gorjup, the PSS team attended a seminar that integrated training videos and motivational speeches that will help drive their students to even more success. Topics included drills that can be used at various levels of play; a technical presentation that reinforces the coaching they are already using at ZSC; motivation from tennis hall of famers; plus ideas on how to motivate and encourage their players, which is one of the biggest challenges in today's society.

The coaches have also created a private Facebook group which is regularly updated with interesting videos that improve their attention to details, general knowledge and overall awareness of the field.

In tandem, these are allowing the coaches to deliver even better service on and off of the court. To book a session with PSS email