This story is part 2 of Rebecca Pitman's journey to becoming an Ironman. Read part 1 here.

Staying busy is key to Rebecca Pitman, an aspiring Ironman finisher, and being busy means managing the schedule is never easy. In addition to the demands of work, Rebecca is frequently found leading Spinning® and pump classes at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi.

To facilitate her training, she schedules in workouts in between her jobs. Early mornings are reserved for running or cycling outside. During lunch hours she goes for a swim. In the evenings, she will train, sometimes including a heavy workout, sometimes slipping in a Spinning session when it is too hot to bike outside.

Her methodology for race day is simple. Keep a steady pace for each of the three sections and don't burn out your legs. Her goal is to finish the triathlon by 13 hours. Qualifying and finishing is primary and winning is secondary, and this helps ensure she is participating for the right reasons.

Somehow, meals are fit in between the exercise. Maintaining a proper diet is critical, and this also includes training her body for the race day routine. Breakfasts every morning are eggs and toast.

Rebecca is making a lot of compromises to achieve her goal. Find out more by following THE ROOM Abu Dhabi on Facebook.