If your goal is to lose body fat, get stronger, rehabilitate from injury or run a marathon, contact THE ROOM Abu Dhabi for an "Intrinsic Biomechanics Screening" with Rhys, our newest instructor.

In the one hour appointment, he'll assess your body's individual structures, particularly the pelvis and spine, but also shoulders, knees and feet. He'll also screen the major muscles, nerves and bony structures that are known to cause abnormal function. This is done to provide you with a personalised corrective exercise programme that will get you moving and performing more efficiently.

Programmes will focus on creating a stable pelvis, a strong core and strong glutes. Ongoing coaching provides a personalised strength training plan to help you achieve your physical goals, while ensuring balance to your body.

Biomechanics screening can be arranged on Mondays for AED 350. Rhys is also available as a personal trainer through the Feel Like A Star programme. To book your appointment, contact 056 331 0310 or