Abu Dhabi’s finest amateur figure skaters will light up the ice once again this December at their annual show. This year’s title is ‘Mansour and the Superheroes’, and will feature UAE Ice Princess Zahra Lari and her teammates. Skaters of all ages from the Abu Dhabi Figure Skating Team and Zayed Sports City’s Learn to Skate programme will keep audiences entertained for two nights only (5 and 6 December) as they display their skating prowess in this popular showcase.

This year’s show sees a young child, Mansour, dream of meeting his favourite superheroes and witness their thrilling adventures to defeat evil villains. Along the way, he encounters hip-hop turtles, friendly monsters and comic book caricatures in the 90-minute show that will no doubt enthral kids and their parents.

“The ice show is an annual tradition that our skaters and the community look forward to every December. The theme of superheroes is one that everyone can relate to and it’s perfect for families. The combination of popular music, fantastic skaters and a little parody for their parents makes for a really entertaining show.

“The ice show cast has now grown to 64. All of our skating programmes are growing and with that, the talent gets better each year. We’re creating more opportunities for youth and adults at all levels to skate and meet their fitness, athletic or social needs. The local community is a core component of our business and we’re expanding with and for them,” said Barry Bremner, General Manager of Zayed Sports City.

Further fuelling the public’s support for the show and sport is the recent acceptance of the UAE into the International Skating Union, bringing the Olympic dream of Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari one step closer. She will join in several of the 18 routines that make up the show.

“We’re the only skating team in the region with a show like this and everyone is very proud to be a part of it. The skaters put in great efforts and are getting better at the choreography every week,” said Noemi Bedo, the ice skating coach who first introduced the event eight years ago. “Each year we practice for months leading up to the event. A routine can take up to three hours to choreograph, then 10 weeks to learn. Our 150 costumes will soon be ready for finishing touches. Our team is are working very hard to make sure everyone who comes to watch has a great time.”

The annual showcase will, this year, feature skaters of all ages and ability levels with members of the Abu Dhabi Figure Skating Team and Zayed Sports City’s Learn to Skate programme.

Tickets are only AED 50 for general admission or AED 125 for VIP seats, which include light hospitality.

You can book your seats in this sell-out show online at, or at Carrefour Marina Mall or
Zayed Sports City Ice Rink. For enquiries please call 02 403 4333.