THE ROOM Abu Dhabi has become known for their Spinning Marathons and for bring amazing guest presenters from around the world to the capital… so it is no surprise that in October, residents are getting treated to both of these once again.

The upcoming “A Week With” features Andre Struik, a Dutch Spinning Master Instructor who will add to the already diverse fabric of nationalities and motivations that attend classes at the studios. His residency will start with the Spinning Marathon on 13 October. Warmed-up by Mim, Rose and Peter before he takes to the bike for the final stretch, each hour-long section is part of a larger journey at-hand. The entire session is from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and you can register for all or part of the programme.

Andre will be sticking around for the week with other classes titled “The Dance of the Body and the Mind” and “The Sound of Silence” on 15 and 16 October, respectively.

To learn more about Andre’s visit and Spinning in the capital, email info@theroom.ae.