Extra International Sport has been welcoming more and more talent in to their basketball programme at Zayed Sports City, and Sai Shabareesh has been getting noticed at the advanced level. He is a hardworking player on the court and an outstanding student in school as well. The 16-year-old rising star answered some quick questions about the sport.

Extra International Sport: How long have you been training with Extra International Sport?
Sai Shabareesh: Two years.

EIS: What is it about basketball that made you choose it as your sport?
SS: It's an interesting and fast paced sport, making it very fun to watch.

EIS: What does the sport teach you?
SS: Basketball teaches me how to communicate, to run through drills. It is a very commanding sport where people have to take control to make their team better.

EIS: Aside from basketball, do you have other interests?
SS: Athletics. Playing basketball increases athleticism as you increase your vertical speed and strength, which allows me to jump higher, run faster in 100m and throw farther in javelin.

EIS: What can you say to other kids your age who might also be thinking of training in basketball?
SS: It's a very interesting sport that can improve many aspects of your daily life as there are many life lessons to learn from the sport.

To learn more about basketball through Extra International Sports email info@eisport.ae or jomel@eisport.ae or call 054 761 2291.