With the mercury soaring as we enter July, fitness routines are likely to move inside, which for some, means repetition. Instead of falling into a hum-drum pattern that will have you dreading your next workout sessions, consider circuit training with Muscle House Gym, located in the main stadium, to keep exercise fresh and bring your training to the next level.

Circuit training normally consists of nine to 12 exercise stations which are put in place to target certain muscle groups and achieve a desired outcome. Each station should require you to undertake between eight and 20 repetitions before moving onto the next exercise, with little or no rest between them.

This method offers benefits to three distinct areas of your training so you can feel your best.

Muscular Strength: Circuit training has the ability to enhance strength levels within the target muscles. Achieving this depends greatly on how the circuits are performed, with lower repetitions at higher weight bringing about greater gains in strength.

Muscular Endurance: Your muscles' ability to perform continual activity over a period of time can be greatly enhanced by circuit training. For endurance, higher repetitions in quick succession are key.

Body Composition: Circuit training can bring about a direct alteration to your body composition levels due to its intensity requirements. This method of training quickly burns calories and enhances metabolic levels. The exercise selection within your circuit will also directly impact this particular benefit.

Tailoring your circuit workout to support your end training goal and specific requirements is certain to yield results and if you`re looking to spice up your training sessions, it could be just the thing you`re looking for.

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