Box To Health

If you’re looking for a new workout routine that offers something different from the norm, boxing may be what you need, and the place to find your motivation again is at Muscle House Gym in the main football stadium.

Toned muscles, a balanced body and fantastic cardiovascular output are the major benefits of a boxing workout. Through sparring jabs, power punches and defence, these fitness moves will be led by instructors to help you achieve better overall health in a uniquely fun way. With a personal trainer, you can slow down to focus on technique or go faster to rev up your cardio workout, as all PT sessions are tailored to fit the requirements of the individual. You’ll be challenged and motivated, and looking forward to the next session before you walk out of the door.

Fees start at only AED 59 per session through to AED 1,599 for unlimited workouts.

Learn the combinations of punching and defending that make your body stronger and mind tougher by booking through or calling 02 631 2471.