The adage "no pain, no gain" is all too common in sport, and whether you are starting a new workout routine or aching from your regular fitness regimen, sometimes the stiffness and soreness is enough to make you swear off exercise for a while. However, with proper warm up and recovery practices, the discomfort of exercise can be greatly reduced.

With this in mind, Athletes Junction's "Warm up and Recovery Zone" is now present at TrainZSC by Daman's Activelife sessions. Having debuted their "Warm up and Recovery Zone" in February, the weekly stair-climbing event is now full stocked with tools from Athletes Junction to make sure exercise is less of a pain – literally. At every session, you can take advantage of products from premium sports equipment brands such as SKLZ, Hyperice and Rumbler Roller. The equipment range includes self-guided sports equipment with exercise instructions printed directly on them to educate you on how to get maximum benefit from using them, and self-massage tools such as massage balls and foam rollers of various densities, shapes, and even ones that vibrate. Self-massage equipment used after a workout promote quicker recovery, allowing you to achieve better results from your hard work and to perform even better at your next workout.

Athletes Junction will once again set up their "Warm up and Recovery Zone" along with a pop-up shop on 9 and 23 April plus 7 May. Their first participation at TrainZSC was a huge success as their trainers shared knowledge and brought in lots of cool gear to try. Tested by our team and even figure skater Zahra Lari, we can vouch that their staff are knowledgeable, genuine in their desire to help people, and that they can offer great advice and expertise on how their products can help people of all fitness levels. One highlight of their "Warm up and Recovery Zone" was testing the vibrating foam roller the "Vyper" by Hyperice - Zahra loved it so much that she snatched up a Vyper on the spot… you can go home with your favourite product trialed as well with the benefit of a generous 15% discount provided exclusively to our TrainZSC community!

Make sure to visit TrainZSC every Monday from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. to get your free vertical workout in and don't forget to stop by the Athletes Junction "Warm up and Recovery Zone" before and after your workout.

To learn more about the products and brands supplied at the "Warm up and Recovery Zone" visit and to register in advance for TrainZSC presented by Daman's Activelife visit