With cooler temperatures on the way, Abu Dhabi is gearing up to enjoy its own version of autumn and winter. This includes a delicious new menu that is all about comforting, healthy vibes being debuted at Simple Café. Inspired by Halloween, three new specials will offer trick-free treats until the end of the year.

Pumpkin Protein Amazeballs are low sugar, tasty treats perfect for adults and kids. Just one of these little balls contains 4g of protein to help build muscles and keep you full. The healthy fats from the sunflower seeds are great for hair and nails, while pumpkin provides B-complex group vitamins to convert food into the energy we need throughout the day.

For a crisp apple treat, without the barrel of water, bob into the café and order the Nutty Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. Hearty quinoa is complemented by an apple pie flavoured sauce, rounded out with roasted pecans and walnuts. In the meantime, brave souls can slay the new Dragon Fruit and Fig Smoothie, an almond milk-based drink with just the right sweetness.

To give these treats a try, stop by Simple Café at the International Tennis Centre or call 050 418 8378.