It hasn’t been long since Simple Café opened at the International Tennis Centre but it has already gained many regular visitors and extremely happy customers. As one of few vegan destinations in the capital, Simple Café has designed monthly meal plans to help you accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals, offering benefits such as: aiding the body to cleanse; improving skin conditions; boosting energy levels; allowing healthier sleep; sharpening mental awareness and many more.

One client, Liz, who has successfully finished a 30-day meal plan decided to share her experience with everyone. Read on and be sure to reach out to to start your own success story.

I discovered Simple Cafe and Haddins at just the right time. I had gained more than 6kg in six months by overeating after quitting smoking and being in a stressful work situation. Most of those six months consisted of croissants for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pizza for dinner as well as biscuits and chocolates in between to keep me going! I felt awful - I was exhausted and hated the extra weight, which was all around my waist and thighs.

Although, I had lots of knowledge about proper diet and the importance of exercise, I just could not make the changes myself. I was excited when I discovered Simple Cafe's vegan, wheat-free and sugar-free 30-day plan as I knew that I needed help. Having someone else take care of the shopping, prepping and cooking was just what I needed! It was amazing not having to make decisions about what to eat and my huge appetite was surprisingly well satisfied by the significantly reduced calories of 1000-1300 per day I consumed. It felt good to know that I was only putting nutritious 'clean' food into my body and after 10 days I felt great. I no longer felt bloated and actually had the energy to work out at 5:00 a.m. at Haddins several mornings per week!

The breakfasts were amazing. I had no idea quinoa could taste so good, and then there were pancakes and banana bread with blueberry jam - and all guilt free! I discovered I preferred eating tofu over chicken and the gluten free wraps and noodles felt like cheat days when I wasn’t actually cheating. Snacks like protein balls with cacao sweetened with dates were fantastic and I also realised that green soup is actually a really satisfying dinner or lunch.

Simple Cafe was incredibly supportive, checking in with me often and sending daily emails with loads of useful information of the detoxing process. They've given me some of my favourite recipes which I'm definitely going to attempt and I'll be getting takeaways from them regularly for sure. Simple Café’s tofu wrap is my new pizza!

After three weeks I'd lost 4kg and felt slim again, and after four weeks I'm back to my normal weight and have lost inches off my waist. More importantly, it's given me the motivation to exercise and continue to eat well.