Have you ever wondered what celebrity type are you based on what you eat? Try this fun quiz made by Simple Café and find the ultimate diet plan for you.

Celebrity Diet Quiz

  1.  Typical dinner during the week is…

    A. An indulgent meal out with friends
    B. A home-cooked meal with a good portion of meat, such as steak or chicken
    C. Children's leftovers
    D. A calorie-counted ready meal
    E. A takeaway or microwave meal

  2. During the weekend I tend to…

    A. Enjoy big, sometimes spontaneous, meals with friends – the days generally revolve around chatting and food.
    B. Spend a lot of time being active outdoors, but always make time to cook proper meals
    C. Have a long leisurely brunch or family lunch and then relax the rest of the day
    D. Plan out my meals so I know what I’m eating and when
    E. Eat lots of treats and indulgent meals to cheer myself up and make the most of the weekend

  3. I’m most likely to snack when…

    A. Someone offers me something delicious
    B. I’m out and about
    C. I’ve not eaten enough for breakfast
    D. I’m tired
    E. I’m craving something such as chocolate

  4. I cook a meal from scratch…

    A. Often. I love cooking for myself and others
    B. Sometimes. But I really only enjoy cooking if I have quality ingredients on hand and plenty of time to prepare them
    C. Only when I’ve extra time and energy
    D. Just on the odd weekend
    E. Almost never. I’d rather order whatever I’m craving than bother trying to make it

  5. I eat the majority of my food…
  6. A. At lunch and dinner. I try to have a very light breakfast so I can indulge later if I’m out with friends
    B. At dinner time. That’s when I finally have time to sit down for a substantial meal
    C. Every day is crazy, there is no pattern
    D. Spaced pretty evenly throughout the day
    E. Whenever I’m really hungry. I often have cravings for sweets and carbs

  7. My biggest challenge when trying to lose weight is…

    A. I spend so much time socialising with friends and family it’s hard to monitor how much I’m eating
    B. I get very hungry and end up overeating by serving myself large portions
    C. I don’t have the time or energy to prepare complicated ‘diet’ meals for myself come the evening
    D. I lose motivation when I see everyone else eating whatever they want and slip off the diet wagon
    E. I give in to food cravings, which are usually dictated by my mood

Mostly As) Social butterfly
You're a food lover who struggles with willpower. You have a busy social life and don't want your diet to stop you from enjoying meals out. You find it tough to stick to rigid eating plans for long.

Best plan for you? 3-Day After the Weekend Plan
Celebrity Food Doppleganger: Kim Kardashian


Mostly B's) The Activity Seeker
You love fulfilling food, exercise regularly and care where your food comes from. You perform all tasks with gusto and love to fill up on decent portion sizes to give you energy and allow you to love life.

Best Plan for you? Active Plan
Celebrity Food Doppleganger: Jennifer Lopez


Mostly Cs) The Family Fanatic
You're a busy woman who loves family life, but this makes it hard for you to prioritise yourself. You're so rushed caring for your family you get tired easily and struggle to plan meals and snacks for yourself.

Best diet for you? Yummy Mummy
Celebrity Food Doppleganger: Duchess Kate Middleton


Mostly Ds) The Super Organiser
You like rules and enjoy having a plan or system to follow by the letter, but still enjoy doing it for yourself at the weekend. Seeing results keeps you motivated and you are dedicated to sticking to a plan to get what you want.

Best Plan for you: 1 Month Plan
Celebrity Food Doppleganger: Victoria Beckham


Mostly Es) The Comfort Seeker
You eat more when you're down and have developed emotional eating habits, like turning to chocolate for comfort or a take away to help stress. You'd love to try a challenge that you can manage, one that will give you healthy treats and get you thinking less about food.

Best Plan for you: 5-Day or 10-Day Plan
Celebrity Food Doppleganger: Beyonce


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