Meet Peter Wessels, our very own ZSC Academy tennis coach who competed and won against the legendary tennis player Roger Federer. Time Out Abu Dhabi interviewed the former professional player and managed to get some interesting stores and advices in addition to his predictions of Wimbledon results. We're sharing the story by Chris Maxwell below, and you can read the full article here.

Time Out Abu Dhabi: What is your key advice to young players?
Peter Wessels: You should go into tennis lessons to enjoy yourself and, like all sports, be open to learning and taking advice from your coach. Sometimes you might work with a player who can get the ball over the net but his technique is wrong. You have got to invest in the right techniques. The older you get, the harder it is to correct your mistakes.

TOAD: Of course, if they don't listen, just remind them you beat Roger Federer.
PW: Beating Roger is like my claim to fame. We played in 1999. We still practice when he is up for the Dubai tournament. It's great that he still thinks I'm good enough to practice with him.

TOAD: Who is the best player you faced?
PW: The best player I played against was Andre Agassi. We played in 2001 at Wimbledon on Centre Court. It was an incredible experience for me, it was a dream come true to play on Centre Court against one of my childhood heroes. I couldn't eat or drink before the match, I was so nervous, but even though I lost, I played a good game.

TOAD: Who do you fancy to win Wimbledon?
PW: I have to go with Roger Federer. We have seen how well he has been playing this year, winning big titles in Miami and Indian Wells, as well as at the Australian Open. If he can stay fit he is tough to beat on grass, which is a faster surface with shorter points.

By Chris Maxwell