Weight scales and fitness trackers can be misleading in measuring your fitness progress, especially if your goal is to lose fat. Understanding this, Haddins Fitness is introducing the first-ever 3D Body Scanner in a commercial gym in the UAE to give you the most accurate measurement of yourself. Haddins' 3D body imaging re-creates your body's shape, circumferences and composition to help you clearly see changes in your body throughout your fitness journey. It's a new and precise way to highlight the changes in your composition, chart your key measurements over time, keep you motivated and set desired weight loss goals. The magic happens by simply standing on a rotating platform for 30 seconds.

Make sure to take advantage of the introductory summer offer at Haddins and get your "before and after" summer image with the full service now for AED 500. Visit Haddins to make an appointment or call 02 403 4233, or email for more information.