Simple Café has recently opened its doors at the International Tennis Centre, serving up undeniable flavour with none of the guilt. Previously operating as a meal delivery company, their storefront gives instant access to some of the yummiest healthy foods you can find in the capital.

On their menu is an array of vegan, gluten free products that will make you think twice about your scorn for healthy eating. Quick snacks, smoothies, salads and drinks fuel you up in the exact right way, always using fresh products combined to perfection.

Their popular meal plans are still available, with the innovative kids' lunch box as one of our favourites. Parents can order these to be delivered to school or home, providing young ones with the nutrition they need to fuel their development. Other plans focus on providing a low glycaemic index (perfect for diabetics) easing Irritable Bowel Syndrome or supporting nursing mothers.

In the works are plans to deliver workout fuel directly to your workout at Zayed Sports City too, showing just how committed they are to being a part of the community.

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