Keeping fit isn't always easy, and along the way it's easy to stumble. You may feel demotivated or lack energy, not understand what foods to eat (and when) or feel that your current routine is boring and not showing results. With this in mind, Haddins "Ministry of Women's Health" programme is ready to help you though.

Over the course of four weeks, the offering will help you create balance, fuel your body naturally and effectively, and help make noticeable changes to your overall fitness. Through education on the many aspects of health, participants will be guided to better understand how a woman's body works, in turn helping you understand what your body needs.

Sessions include workouts ranging from high intensity cardio to strength and balancing, and the small group format guarantees attention from the instructor and a supportive environment. Also included in the class is an e-book outlining the programme along with recipe ideas, at-home workouts and motivation to help you thrive in fitness and health.

Sessions start 9 April. For details or to register email jessie@haddins.com or call 056 892 3108.