The Abu Dhabi Wilson Tennis Cup served up a final day feast for players and fans on 17 March as the fifth edition of the annual tournament drew to a close.

With the Men's Singles Open category wide open due to the absence of former title-holder Peter Wessels, the field of 40 was pared down to Dries Depla and Xavier Masson. The pair sparred throughout the afternoon, trading slams and smashes en route to Frenchman Masson's 6-2, 6-2 victory.

"I haven't played a competition in a long time," Masson said, commenting on his debutant performance. "I had a very good feeling playing in these facilities. It was great, we had ball boys and referees, and everything was very professional. The conditions were tricky but it really was a high level of competition".

The Women's Open was a dramatic affair as Magali De Lattre proved too strong for Sofia Sabljarevic, taking a hard-fought 7-6, 6-4 victory which she admitted could have gone either way. De Lattre's performance secured her reputation as the best women's tennis player in the country, having won the division in all iterations of the tournament.

Speaking on her continued success in the tournament, De Lattre said: "Each year is different. This year I had to be pretty strong holding the point and not making too many mistakes."

Organised by Zayed Sports City and sanctioned by Tennis Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Wilson Tennis Cup welcomed a field of 339 players from as far away as Doha to compete across 20 divisions. In total, the 23-day tournament included 470 entries and 489 matches were played.

The tournament is the largest of its kind in the region, including opportunities for children and adults to enjoy the sport. It is hallmarked for encouraging players to participate in multiple categories, a challenge which was accepted by a third of the players. It also offers young players the opportunity to participate in higher age categories or against adults. At the event, 20 juniors also played in open and cup categories.

Added De Lattre, "I just had a chat with an 18 year old and she was telling me, 'I would like to be playing tennis like you when I get older'. That is something very nice to hear and this is what is going to make her want to play every day and go to tournaments."

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Men's Singles Xavier Masson
Women's Singles Magali De Lattre
Men's Doubles Dries Depla, Ryan Addison
Mixed Doubles (still to be played)
Men's Singles Vanja Miseljic
Men's Doubles Sherif Kamel, Vanja Miseljic
Mixed Doubles Joniza Sarip, Eric Longakit
Men's 40+ James Conrad
Women's 30+ Joniza Sarip
Women's Singles (still to be played)
Boys U12 Ege Topcoc
Boys U14 Anurag Reddy
Boys U16 Anurag Reddy
Boys U18 Michel Katrib
Girls U12 Riya Maharoo
Girls U14 Stefania Bojica
Girls U18 Vipasha Mehra
U8 Alex Morna
U9 Marsha
U10 Dev Kambargimath