The Emirates Skating Club is continuing to attract high quality coaches and their newest addition is Italian Benjamin Naggiar. A former pairs and ice dancing competitor, Ben brings a contagious enthusiasm for the sport. “When we skate it isn’t just for ourselves, it is to share the joy and beauty of the sport with others,” he says.

His message is that it is never too late to start: “I messed about with many sports as a kid: tennis, swimming and judo. Then, at 14, what many consider as too old to start, I found figure skating. I fell in love immediately and began spending four, six, even 10 hours a day practicing. Before I knew it, I was competing internationally.” He began coaching just a few years later, at age 18 and now holds lessons six days a week at the rink.

Since it is never too late to start, book a lesson with Ben by calling 050 444 5009.