If you've ever made a New Year's Resolution, there is a high chance that one of them involved your body – to get in shape, lose weight, or simply live a healthier lifestyle. And once you committed, you probably worried about how you would fit it in between the rest of your life. Shopping, cooking, training, working, travelling, home matters… anyone is valid to have these concerns. Because "when things calm down" never really comes, it makes the most sense to start now!

As 2016 begins, THE ROOM Abu Dhabi has offered some suggestions to create more time for healthy living.

It is known that food is just as important, if not more important, than exercise in maintaining health. Consider these tips:

  • Think Ahead: At the beginning of the week, think through your upcoming schedule to determine what is happening during meal times, then prepare! If Monday meetings always last through lunch, pack your lunchbox! If you're on your way to THE ROOM right after work, make sure you bring a healthy snack to hold you over until dinner.
  • Double the Recipe: Keep old take-away containers or purchase freezer-to-oven pans. The extra that you made instantly becomes a homemade TV dinner or a second meal for later in the week.
  • Invest in Food Storage: Pre-cut fruits and veggies are convenient, but if you prefer to avoid the expense invest in crisper storage containers. Spend a bit of time washing and cutting your produce all together, pack them away and enjoy them all week.
  • Use Time Saving Devices: A slow cooker allows you to quickly throw ingredients together the night before. In the morning, pop your dish into the warmer and let it cook all day for a fresh, hot dinner when you return home. A microwave can heat leftovers or frozen healthy choices, while an immersion blender quickly makes soups from frozen veggies or smoothies out of frozen fruit.

Fitting in movement and exercise is an essential complement to healthy living and it too requires a proactive approach.

  • Think Ahead: Sound familiar? Just as you plan your meals, plan your workouts. Look at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi's timetable and schedule any class you want to attend in your diary. Then flag the ones that are doable in a different colour. Do your best to attend the "doable" classes and fit in the "dream' classes whenever you can – they will be a great bonus for your training.
  • Keep Meetings On Track: Literally, keep meetings on the nearest track, sidewalk or path, instead of at the table. Your colleagues may be delighted to squeeze in their activity as well, plus fresh air and nature are proven to improve mood and creativity.
  • Exercise with Family: Rather than an outing to the movies, consider a fitness class that is suitable for many ages, such as Spinning®. You and the kids will get exercise and quality time all in one.
  • Do Active Happy Hours: You don't need to sacrifice time with friends. By moving your normal Happy Hour to THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, you will double the benefits by getting in exercise and skipping calorie laden drinks. Spinning®, Zumba, Yoga or Pilates are great options, or you could train together for the upcoming Zayed Sports City 5&10k Run!
  • Eliminate the "All or Nothing" attitude: Maybe an hour is too much to commit, but you think a 10 or 15 minute workout is pointless. Think again! Every minute counts toward improving your fitness level, reducing stress and strengthening your heart and muscles. Plus a minute spent exercising always beats a minute spent sedentary.

To incentivise you to keep your New Year's Resolution, THE ROOM Abu Dhabi is offering an annual membership for AED 1,500 off! This promotion is valid when you join in January. Or, if personal training is more your speed, advantageous prices are on offer, giving you the opportunity to exercise at the time that suits you best.

With support from THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, some proactive thinking and creativity, creating time for healthy living should not be a problem. Contact, 056 331 0310 or to live life to its full extent!