The most popular corporate games event, the Daman Hercules Trophy will debut in Abu Dhabi at Zayed Sports City on 13 February. Having established itself as a top event for Dubai organisations, the occasion promises to be full of exciting, fun and unusual challenges for corporates across Abu Dhabi. The organisers are expecting more than 100 teams to participate in the capital's launch edition.

Participants in the team-building day will have a range of skills tested with a number of fun and fierce challenges on the course, while at the same time networking with the companies they are competing against. The Daman Hercules Trophy stands out from other team-building days on offer, as it creates partnerships and relationships with other competing teams by providing unique networking opportunities throughout the day.

The ‘labours' that participants will compete in are creative and unusual, and in most cases are things that people would not usually have the opportunity to do elsewhere. Attractive to people of all fitness levels, confirmed challenges include blind golf buggy driving, fitness boxing, the DHL Challenge and table football.

Are you Herculean enough? Register today at herculestrophy.com.