There is no thrill quite like paintball and luckily, it is a thrill everyone can enjoy! Paintball strategies vary by group and individual, which provides opportunities for people who excel in both brain and brawn.

Mental acuity is an important trait as the game is about accomplishing a goal, whether it is to eliminate the other team members or capture a flag. Players who may not be in the mood for a full-on workout can contribute to the team from hiding spots, while others will be able to move tactically towards the goal. If you want a workout, consider that ducking, running and sliding are all necessary to win!

No matter how you play, your adrenaline gets moving simply at the sound of the markers shooting off! It is an ultimate thrill that is fun for all.

If you would like to book a game of paintball, email paintball@zsc.ae or call 02 403 4555.