In the UAE, August is synonymous with certain things. Hot and humid temperatures, the return of families from summer holidays, and a new season of sports at Zayed Sports City. As you settle back in, don’t miss the opportunity to make sport and fitness part of your routine. With more than 32 sports on the property, Zayed Sports City is a one-stop-shop for almost any sport under the sun.

Sports are distributed throughout the 1.2 million sqm complex.

Zayed Sports City Ice Rink // // 02 403 4333
The capital’s only Olympic sized ice rink is a great place to get into the coolest sports around. Whether you come out for a drop-in skating session or enrol you or your child into our beginners skating courses, the rink is a safe and fun place to practice the sport.

Ice hockey is managed by Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Council which operates teams for kids, adults and ladies. There is even a group playing ringette, which is an adaptation of hockey that is popular in Canada and northern Europe. Figure skaters can train with the country’s most famous skater, Zahra Lari, at Emirates Skating Club – it is open for expats and nationals.

The rink is also home to Emirates Aikido Centre, where Sensei Diyab is helping children and adults learn this modern martial art.

Zayed Sports City Paintball // // 02 403 4555
Adrenaline junkies can get their fix throughout three zones in this massive paintball park. The scenario zone is packed with brush and bunkers which provide spots for hiding as you make your move to capture the flag. There is also a speedball zone where elimination is the aim, and a target zone where aim is the aim. It’s a great sport for people of all fitness levels, and with all equipment provided, there is no excuse not to try.

Younger children have been falling in love with our own invention called Wet ‘N Wild. Played with rules similar to paintball, we’ve swapped out the high-powered paintball markers for tamer water guns. So far it is a huge hit!

Khalifa International Bowling Centre // // 02 403 4648
The country’s national bowling facility is well-maintained, bright and open, featuring 40 lanes of bowling. It’s used by the national team and even hosted the World Bowling Championship last December, meaning that everything is still in tip-top shape for our guests. Families love spending time together here, and leagues like Abu Dhabi Filipino Bowling League and Dabarkards are fixtures at the venue.

Beyond bowling, there is a hall with 13 billiards tables that are a great place to reconnect with friends. There is also a space for table tennis enthusiasts to challenge each other, plus an arcade for gaming. We’ve also been told this is a prime spot for Pokémon hunting!

International Tennis Centre // // 02 403 4222
Essentially the hub of Zayed Sports City, the majority of sports are operated out of the International Tennis Centre. True to its name, there are plenty of tennis courts – nine to be exact – including the outdoor arena which will host Mubadala World Tennis Championship again.

Basketball is a great option, with Extra International Sports operating a league that kids love. There is also Abu Dhabi Netball, a social club with leagues for girls and women, which calls the venue home.

Golfers can tee up at Performance Golf, a high-definition indoor golf simulator that can only be described as fantastic. It’s drawing the attention of beginners and avid players alike, offering video tutorials, simulated rounds, silly games and live-coaching.

Adding fitness into your schedule through classes is a great way to maintain or improve health. Two high-quality providers at Zayed Sports City ensure that you have hundreds of classes to choose from each week. Haddins is famous for their Primal Body Transformation programme, which guarantees you get fitter with each 20-day session. For Spinning®, yoga or Pilates classes, THE ROOM Abu Dhabi has bright and clean studios manned by certified trainers. Both clubs offer youth programmes as well: in Haddins the Youth Sports Academy is creates an age-appropriate workout based on their popular programmes, while THE ROOM Abu Dhabi has dance and karate classes for children to try.

Multipurpose Training Pitches // // 02 403 4222
There are 17 multi-purpose, natural grass training pitches located in the property. These host a huge variety of sports and events, including football, rugby, hurling, softball and more.

Top clubs have made their home on these pitches, including City Football Schools, Abu Dhabi Harlequins Rugby Club, Abu Dhabi Softball League, Emirates American Football League, Na Fianna Gaelic Athletic Association, Abu Dhabi Strollers FC and Abu Dhabi French Rugby Club.

Roller skating fans can even connect with Abu Dhabi Roller Derby and join their practices at ZSC!

There are lots of ways to get active as the new season of sports arrives. Click on the group name in the story above to reach them or visit for details on our programmes and events.