Corporate wellness is one of the fastest growing trends across businesses in the UAE and with proven positive impacts on the bottom line as well as improved employee efficiency; it is easy to see why.

A typical employee in the developed world works approximately 47 hours a week and in a global market, employees are expected to work longer hours with increased stress levels. With this in mind, senior management and HR teams are focusing more and more on formal wellness programmes. The benefits of such programmes are widely reported to improve staff morale and teamwork, increase productivity and retention while also reducing medical costs.

Zayed Sports City is proud to be hosting the inaugural Abu Dhabi Dash that is taking place on 22 November. The race, which began in Dubai in 2015, is a great opportunity for businesses across the UAE to engage employees in a fun, competitive team building activity. It’s a way to promote positive competitive spirit between departments, encourage collaborative and informal interaction between staff and their management team, create a healthy competition against business rivals and network with over 600 like-minded businesspeople from the across the UAE.

The event is a short distance team race, which is accessible to anyone from a seasoned runner to a sporting newbie. In teams of 10, each member will run one loop of the 1.5k course, with each team completing 15km in total. The race will be followed by a get together including food, entertainment, and celebration as winners are crowned

For more details and registration theabudhabidash.com.