The summer holidays are over now and it's time to get back into the swing of things. As Primal Transformation enters its 21st session, what better way to celebrate than letting Haddins make you feel like a 21 year old?

Haddins Primal Transformation is a 28 day programme designed to get you to your goal quickly, help you to enjoy exercise again and improve your long-term nutritional practices while, most importantly, having a great time doing it all!

It is based on clean eating and hard work. No magic pills or machines are involved; it all comes down to you, your dedication and your efforts! It is meant to spark your metabolism, burn fat and lead the way to a healthy and active lifestyle. This programme is about building a stronger team, learning more about a balanced healthy lifestyle and creating a better you.

Over 2,750 Abu Dhabi Primates have been created in the past two years. Ask any one of them and you'll learn that there is no better way to achieve your fitness goals.

Join Abu Dhabi's signature functional fitness programme by contacting 02 403 4233 or