Summer has arrived and, yes, Haddins will be training outside. (Do you think cavemen caught their food from inside their cave?) As the temperature soars so should your hydration levels. Before you make your way to the gym, prepare yourself by asking a few questions.

  • Am I thirsty?
  • Is my mouth dry?
  • Is my urine a dark colour?

If you answered “yes”, you are probably dehydrated and need to increase your fluid intake during the day. Follow these strategies to help you train safely in the heat.

Don’t Wait: If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. You should begin to take on fluid from when you first wake and aim to consume 3-4 litres gradually throughout the day.

Alternative Beverages: Use certain sports drinks or coconut water to replace electrolytes. Certain fruits also work; for example, bananas and dates are known for having high levels of the electrolyte potassium, making them a great option for refuelling during an intense workout, such as a long run.

Check the Toilet: Urine should be clear or a pale yellow colour. Keep an eye on it as dark yellow signals more severe dehydration.

Skip the Caffeine: Coffee might seem like a good idea after a big day at the office or a mothers lunch date, however caffeine acts as a diuretic, leading to fluid loss and dehydration. Cut back on the caffeine and just grab a water!

Check your Weight:  As a general rule, every kilogram lost should be replaced this with 1.5 kg of fluid.

Staying hydrated is really important, but it’s also important to stay safe during your workout. Bring a big water bottle, a cold towel, a hat and a piece of fruit to eat after your session. Use these tips to enjoy the summer instead of being scared of it!

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