The fun of golf comes indoors at Zayed Sports City when Performance Golf opens its doors later this year! Space in the International Tennis Centre is being prepared for this fun and challenging game that everyone can try.

Performance Golf is a high definition golf simulator. Golfers will receive equipment to use and tee up in front of a screen to play some of the most famous courses in the world. Of the 23 courses available, St Andrews, Torrey Pines and PGA National are on the list. After your swing, you'll watch your ball soar towards the hole and continue until the ball goes in. It provides all the challenge of the course in a climate controlled environment and at a fraction of the cost.

If you need a little training, tutorials are available to help you improve. With lessons in everything from holding the club properly to fine tuning your posture, complete novices and experienced golfers will find this feature helpful. The simulator will analyse your swing against the ideal at checkpoints, make suggestions for improvement and direct you to video lessons from the Jim McLean Eight Steps Golf School so that you can make the changes yourself. Plus, a real live coach can be hired for lessons as well.

Appealing even to non-golfers are many cool games. Want to take your frustration out on a window? There's a game for that! Think you can hit the range cart? There's a game for that! Longest drive, closest to the pin and even card games will help you enjoy the sport in a totally new way. For children, tic tac toe and a "whack-a-mole" style game will make their session even more fun.

To give golf a swing, visit, email or call 050 103 0234.