At any given trip to the gym, you’re likely to see someone lifting the heaviest weights, running the longest or riding the fastest, while experiencing pain. For most people, pain is discouraging and despite trying to work through it, it may be the reason your gym routine fails.

THE ROOM Abu Dhabi believes that “No Pain, No Gain” is one of the biggest fitness myths ever. The reason is simply because pain is the body’s alarm system and it provides a signal that an action is causing harm. It’s a warning to back off and act differently. And despite the mantra enduring over 30 years, pain isn’t a necessary part of fitness.

Forcing through pain can actually have long-term negative outcomes on your body and fitness level. Chronic pain results in loss of brain connections to the painful area and the result can be as severe as loss of muscle and strength. One way to prevent pain is to create new patterns of well-organised movement. Almost without exception, when movement is well organised, pain disappears and strength and flexibility increase.

If you feel pressured to work through the pain at your current gym and desire exercise that works with the movement and flow of your body, THE ROOM Abu Dhabi is your solution. THE ROOM Abu Dhabi instructors are all certified and well-trained fitness professionals who create well-organised, harmonious movement to help increase strength and skill. When exercise feels good, you move more and get fitter!

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