Primal is gaining popularity in Abu Dhabi and thousands have seen results from the programme. One primate shares a story of success:

"I have seen some amazing results in the last month and watched people literally transform themselves. They deserve all the credit they get, as it is not easy to change your body shape and bad habits.

Through Primal I managed to lose seven centimetres off my waist and five off my hips. More importantly, I have gained some body definition and regained muscle strength.

Haddins has got it right. Exercise and gyms can be very intimidating places for people who need to lose weight or are unfit, or even those who are a just little less confident that others. Whilst Haddins has its “gym junkies” that are, frankly, scary to watch, the overall atmosphere from the staff is one of encouragement and a desire to help people achieve their goals. This rubs off on the gym users.

The Haddins team has helped guide me with their encouragement. This has prevented me from becoming a yo-yo weight (and shape) mum, I am pretty sure that, provided I don't just do pie eating contests from now on, I will be able to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level!

A new primal session Primal starts 16 November. For more information please contact or
call 02 403 4233.