Performance Golf has been hard at work running their academy, which is an exclusive step by step golf school open to only 16 individuals per month. The programme includes eight steps, which ensures that the fundamentals are mastered and provides the proper foundation to move throughout the golf swing. Using the golf simulator to provide diagnostic help for the golf swing via the Jim Mclean Swing Analysis software, academy members have been able to make repeatable improvements to their golf swings, hitting the ball further and producing lower scores on the course.

Academy members come in for eight hours of training a month and receive complete instruction, video recordings of the lesson for future reference, a comparison swing video, as well supporting notes, online lessons and reduced fee practice time within the simulator. This is the only program in the UAE that offers direct feedback and support for every single shot being hit and offers complete support toward your success.

In December five slots will open for new academy members. To take advantage of this effective program email