Employees from Zayed Sports City proved that they ‘practice what they preach’ by actively improving their health during November, through participation in the du Corporate Step Challenge. Over the course of the challenge, which ran from 2 November to 1 December, 20 steppers clocked up an amazing 11,588,900 steps. The approximate distance is 9,300 kilometres, or the distance from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt and back.

Staff members added steps through a variety of means. At work, the coffee run to Costa in Rihan Heights became a “coffee walk”, as buggies previously put to good use sat idle. Invitations to walk around the stadium were issued regularly and cars could be found in the far corners of the car parks. Once home the efforts did not stop. Several people installed workout equipment in their TV rooms and evening walks not only improved health, but also family relationships.

For Hassan, Head of Electrical and Mechanical Section, the challenge was the motivation he needed to get moving. “I’ve always made excuses when it comes to exercise but committing to the Challenge was the push I needed to get started. I’m more active now and my energy level is improving.”

According to recent research from United Health Group, approximately 73% of adult women and 66% of men are overweight or obese in the UAE, placing the Emirates in the top five countries worldwide for obesity. While offering the public a range of facilities to tackle these issues and become more active, Zayed Sports City employees also realise their own need for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Though the challenge is over, the habit of exercise is still in full swing, as employees look to continue the benefits discovered during the challenge and share them with colleagues.