The Spinning® programme is a great option if you're looking for a way to get kids excited about fitness. It's easy to learn, suitable for all body types and fitness levels, and allows a group to exercise safely in one easy-to-monitor location. Spinning® classes can also help boost self-esteem and can be linked to the lifetime fitness pursuits of both Spinning® and outdoor cycling. Generally speaking, Spinning® bikes are suitable for individuals who are at least 150 cm tall.

You control resistance on your bike to make the pedalling as easy or difficult as you choose. All you'll need is workout clothes, a towel (to wipe your face) and a water bottle. Stationary bikes have toe clips so you can wear tennis shoes and the pedals also work with specialised cleats.

How can Spinning® help teenagers?

Spinning® is a fun, low-impact cardio exercise, which offers many benefits:
Builds healthier lives, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes


Reduces risk of weight-related health concerns such as Type 2 Diabetes
Enables positive weight control
Develops physical fitness
Improves social skills through group interaction
Instils lifelong healthy habits

At The Cycling Room® studios, riding a bike with great music and motivating instructors will help teenagers get in shape without them noticing! A teenager can join any class they want from our timetable whenever they like!

The Cycling Room® studios are designed to bring health and wellness to every participant from different fitness level through indoor cycling. The concept was born in Belgium some years ago with the Belgian road cycling roots combined with traditional eastern hospitality.

All instructors have both high Spinning® certification levels and a certain degree of outdoor cycling experience. You enjoy 45 minutes or more of stationary bike riding in a studio with an instructor, nice music


and a light/video show. Our Instructors guide participants through workout phases – warm-up, flat roads, climbs, sprints, cool-downs, etc.

The Cycling Room® studio is in THE ROOM Abu Dhabi (Zayed Sports City, International Tennis Centre).

Call 056 331 0310 or visit theroom.ae for more information on the classes.