Ferrari World organised a team bowling event at Zayed Sports City in March as its 600 employees descended upon Khalifa International Bowling Centre. The venue was exclusively booked for the group and the staff members tried their hand at many of the activities in the venue. The group included bowlers with experience and complete novices.

A tournament was planned and the staff was divided into two, then further into teams of five. When not on the lanes, players kept busy with billiards and table tennis, as well as a few arcade games. Others enjoyed the company of their colleagues and took in the exciting atmosphere, cheering and supporting their friends who were bowling.

As the event wrapped up, the sports coordinator awarded prizes to the highest scoring team and individual. Not everyone could receive a prize but the most important thing is that they are all gathered on one day to enjoy and experience bowling. The aim of this event was to provide enjoyment and relaxation for all the employees and the results were fantastic.