Think about a common saying among friends and colleagues: "When things calm down, I really need to start taking better care of myself." The truth for many is that if you are living a full and happy life, it is more often busy than not. When you have so much to do, doesn't it make sense to take care of yourself and feel well?

There's no debating that you will need to dedicate some time to self-care, but it shouldn't mean you have to drop your friends, ignore your family or neglect your business. Here are some suggestions of how to create more time for healthy living.

First, you should consider your food. Take a few minutes at the beginning of the week to think through your upcoming schedule. How many days will you be home for dinner and what will you prepare? Do Sunday morning meetings always last through lunch? If so, it makes sense to bring a brown bag lunch that day. Will you head to THE ROOM Abu Dhabi straight from the office and need to bring a healthy snack to fuel you through your workout and tide you over until dinner?

At the grocery store, consider purchasing healthy convenience foods, such as fresh vegetables, salad greens and fruit. They are available pre-cleaned and cut. Although you may think these options cost more, they are less expensive than eating in restaurants, buying take-away or high blood pressure and high cholesterol medicines that often are required after years of unhealthy choices. If you prefer to avoid the expense of pre-cut fruits and vegetables, invest in crisper storage containers. Spending a little bit of time washing and cutting produce at the weekend will save loads of prep time during the week.

Equip your kitchen with timesaving devices. A slow cooker allows you to quickly throw together ingredients the night before, then plug in the machine in the morning so you can have a hot prepared dinner is ready when you return home! A microwave will reheat leftovers or frozen healthy choices, while an immersion blender quickly makes soups from frozen veggies or smoothies out of frozen fruit.

When you do cook, double the recipes. Keep old take-away containers or purchase freezer-to-oven pans. This way you can even create your own healthy TV dinners or a second meal for the following week.

On days when you have a meal out, keep in mind that the average restaurant serves two to three times the appropriate portion size. Ask for a take-away container and pack away half for later – now you've kept to a healthy portion size and you don't need to take time out to prepare another meal the next day.

Fitting in movement and exercise requires the same proactive thinking as eating healthily. Like planning your food, also plan your workouts! Take THE ROOM Abu Dhabi’s timetable and mark all of the classes you want to join in your agenda. The trick is to mark every class you would dream of joining, even it if is not at a suitable time for your schedule. Once you mark your dream classes, grab another pen with another colour and remark all doable classes. When week starts, try to stick with doable classes. And definitely try to join a few on the dream list! That will be a bonus for your training.

When squeezing in a formalised exercise session still seems daunting, know that doing several short bursts of activity has been shown to add up to great benefit. Whenever possible, take the stairs rather than the elevator. Walk to your co-worker's office to deliver messages rather than emailing or use the restrooms on another floor to get a little more fitness in.

Suggest walking during business meetings rather than the sitting in a meeting room. Your colleagues may be delighted to squeeze in a bit of activity as well! Plus, being outdoors in fresh air and surrounded by nature has been proven to improve mood and creativity. If you use Zayed Sports City’s track, you might even pop in to grab coffee at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi when you finish!

You could also try to combine exercise with family time. Rather than an outing to the movies, consider joining THE ROOM Abu Dhabi. You and the kids will both get your exercise while spending quality time together. Along the same lines, you don't have to sacrifice time with your friends. Suggest an active happy hour after work rather than heading to the local restaurant. Join a Spinning®, Zumba, yoga, Pilates or other class from the timetable. For the really ambitious, train together for an upcoming race!

Let go of your "all or nothing" exercise attitude. If you think a 10 or 15 minute workout is pointless when you don't have time for a full hour, think again! Every minute counts toward improving your fitness level, reducing stress and strengthening your heart and muscles. Plus a minute spent exercising always beats a minute spent inactive.

If you still struggle to join a class at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, think about personal training and even private sessions for your free time. Even if you think 3:00 a.m is suitable for you, let the Care Team know! They will open THE ROOM Abu Dhabi for your private session and you will definitely enjoy your time.

With support from THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, some proactive thinking and creativity, creating time for healthy living should not be a problem. It is, instead, a way to live life to its full extent with your All New Body!

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