THE ROOM Abu Dhabi offers several yoga classes with the best instructors in town. In clean and very spacious studios, you will have your unique yoga experience as you wish.

Sofie Van Steenwinckel is one member who practices yoga at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi. She arrived in Abu Dhabi in 2003 and when she’s not at the gym, she can be found making bags and accessories. The Care Team is happy to see her every time she joins yoga or another class. She has her unique spark, which gives the instructors extra motivation to do better for her and, indeed, all of the members.

Read on to learn why Sofie chooses THE ROOM Abu Dhabi for the best yoga experience in town.

Can you tell us when and why you started practicing yoga?

I’ve been in Abu Dhabi for a long time and I love yoga. So I first started practicing yoga six years ago. I love yoga because it gives me a great workout and it de-stresses and decompresses me in my busy life. Yoga gives me a good balance.

It’s a long-term activity because it’s not a demanding sport. You don’t need a lot of equipment – it’s pure and basic. You don’t have to be good at it to start and you pick it up quickly.

We know that you were in a car accident 20 years ago. Do you still face some physical problems and how does yoga fit into this?

After I had the accident, I was paralyzed for two months and after a miraculous recovery I was able to walk again. Unfortunately, I still have back problems and that’s why I realise how important it is in life to stay fit and to take care of my body. This is how I met yoga.

Yoga is a sport that everybody can practice, young and old, with or without physical problems. Actually you can say that yoga is the sport for people who are looking for excuses not to do sport because there are no excuses for not practicing yoga.

You’re one of the first members of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi and we’re happy to see you there. Tell us more about the club. What do you like about THE ROOM Abu Dhabi?

There are several reasons why I like THE ROOM Abu Dhabi. First of all, I love the facility! Everything is brand new – the mats don’t smell bad like in some other clubs!

The studios are the most spacious and clean in the city. As soon as you enter, the beautiful scent of a clean studio freshens you up. And it is very easy to access to the studios. The club is in Zayed Sports City, located on a main artery so it takes you minutes to get to THE ROOM Abu Dhabi from all parts of Abu Dhabi. And you don’t have to look for a parking spot at all! Right in front, a great parking lot for your car.

When you get to the Live-in Room [the club’s reception area], there is this very cosy, homey atmosphere and the Care Team is very welcoming. Even if you are tired or not in the mood, you can see how they do their best to motivate you during your time with them.

What do you think about yoga at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi?

I told you about clean and spacious studios at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi. In addition, you don’t have to rush to get a spot in any of the classes because the club has an online reservation system! You can book your favourite class days earlier and show up at the club five minutes before! And after practicing yoga in all other clubs before, there is something that THE ROOM Abu Dhabi definitely pays attention to – giving enough space for all participants to freely move and enjoy the class. No overloading of members in a class at all!

Moreover, the club offers several yoga types with different instructors. I really like my instructor Jennifer, who’s professional and very nice. And last but not least, they have a great schedule of classes – mornings and evenings for all abilities. So if you have time in the morning or if you like to join after work, you just find appropriate class! It’s a great luxury for yoga lovers!

There are yoga several classes for beginner and advanced levels on the timetable and your first class is free of charge! You can join by paying a single class fee of AED 65, purchasing multi- session cards or joining a monthly membership.

Visit or call 056 331 0310 for more information.