Yoga at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi is a great option for numerous reasons but six favourites are listed here.

The facilities are top notch! The Balance Room is spacious, clean and bright. According to the instructors, it’s the best yoga studio space in Abu Dhabi that they have taught in.
The yoga teachers are experienced and exceptional because they each bring their own unique spin, providing clients with a variety of styles in their classes each week. In every lesson they concentrate on a different part of the body.
The teachers are very professional and personable as they take time to get to know their clients and their specific needs.
The Live-in Room is a comfortable space where you can sit down, have a coffee and chat with your instructor and other members before or after class. It’s a great atmosphere!
THE ROOM Abu Dhabi works with top of the line Manduka mats, blocks and straps, which is the best equipment to work with. Props like blocks and straps really help practitioners find stability and ease in certain postures, allowing them to achieve the pose regardless of any physical limitations.
Location, location, location! Most clients of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi comment on how perfect the location is. It is centrally located and for most people it is close to home, their children’s school or work. This makes it much easier to regularly attend classes and meet new people within your community.

Come and try a class today – you won’t be disappointed!