Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art and self defence system that incorporates elements of philosophy, psychology and physics to train body and mind, improving health and helping develop self-confidence. It involves Waza hand-to-hand techniques, meditation and Misogi breathing, as well as advanced practice with the traditional Japanese weapons. Aikido requires very little physical energy, as it uses the attacker's momentum,


through non-resistive techniques, to redirect the force of an attack rather than oppose it head-on. This is why Aikido is sometimes called the "Art of Non-Resistance" or the "Non-Fighting Martial Art".

Emirates Aikido Centre is now open in the ice rink and people of all ages are learning from Sensei Thiyab Alseery and his team. If you have ever wanted to try out


this martial art, there is no better opportunity.

Classes are available for adults and children from age seven, with rates from AED 400 per month that include four hours of training a week.

To learn more call 050 531 5588.