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ZSC Academy's tennis division is bringing high-quality coaching to people of all ages. Led by experienced and certified coaches, players will develop their skills with the best personnel on the best courts in the capital.

Coaching programmes for children begin at age three and lessons continue through adults. Opportunities to learn are available for men and women of all skill levels. 

Fees vary based on several factors. Please download the activities brochure here.

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Mini Tennis

Mini tennis incorporates the tennis game into a scaled down version that is perfect for children. Utilising age appropriate equipment, courts and techniques, children as young as three can develop prowess in the sport.

High Performance Squad

Avid tennis players who require a challenging tennis setting should consider signing up to the High Performance Squad. Incorporating not only the physical aspects but also mental training, High Performance Squad members improve all facets of their game with high level coaches, specialised tennis fitness regimes and proven training techniques.

Ladies Tennis

Ladies looking to get fit and social are highly recommended to try Ladies Tennis Mornings with ZSC Academy. This atmosphere is comfortable yet sporty - perfect for breaking into a sweat.


For more information please contact:
Tel: +97124034222
Email: tennisacademy@zsc.ae

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